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About us

Passion and Profession come together to create something truly extraordinary; a blend of skills, expertise, creativity - all beautifully orchestrated in pursuit of success.

Sunil Maloo had a vision to turn his passion into profession and so, in 2019 he made that dream come true with the establishment of Sunil Maloo & Co. Our team is committed to delivering excellent services while providing our clients with personalised attention - something we believe helps facilitate overall growth for all involved. Onward and upwards!

Sunil Maloo & Co is determined to provide top-notch advisory services and legal representation to its clients all over India. Our firm has a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in providing best-in-class services that help clients save on taxes, resolve disputes, and stay updated with the latest amendments in the Income Tax Act. The team is driven by achieving results, while delivering personalized work with care and attention to detail.

About the Founder


Mr Sunil Maloo
Founder | Sunil Maloo & Co

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Sunil Maloo, a driven and ambitious professional, is making waves in Corporate Consultancy and Taxation Litigation since 2011. His impressive accomplishments have allowed him to take on complex cases for prominent clients across India. Mr. Maloo's success speaks volumes about his talent as a tax expert!

He has also established himself as a leader for Corporate Consulting, Litigation Services, Survey/Search & Seizure cases handling and Settlement Commission. His expertise lies in providing tax advice to businesses and individuals alike, aiding corporate consulting services, settling difficult litigation cases.

Additionally, Sunil's expertise extends to International Taxation advice coupled with his knowledge of FEMA guidelines making him the go-to professional anytime you need tax assistance!

His expertise in the taxation and corporate consulting fields has been widely recognized. He is applauded for his out-of-the box solutions on complex litigative matters, garnering impressive results due to an unparalleled combination of strategic thinking and knowledge of factual legal principles.


An expert in Direct Taxation, International Taxation, FEMA and Corporate Consulting, he is a notable face known for his scholarly contributions through insightful articles & presentations offered at various conferences. He continues to stay academically active within these dynamic fields of practice.

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