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International Tax and FEMA

International taxation and the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) are important to businesses operating in or engaging in cross-border transactions because they govern the flow of money and assets between countries. International taxation laws ensure that businesses pay the appropriate taxes on their global income, while avoiding double taxation.

These laws also provide guidelines for transfer pricing, which is the process of determining the value of goods and services transferred between related parties in different countries.

FEMA, on the other hand, regulates all foreign exchange transactions in India. It also lays down guidelines for entities and individuals who wish to invest or trade in foreign exchange markets. This includes regulations on foreign direct investment, overseas borrowing, and remittance of funds outside India.

By understanding and complying with international taxation and FEMA laws, businesses can ensure that they are operating in compliance with regulations and avoid potential International Tax Litigations, fines or penalties. Additionally, compliance with these laws can help businesses to mitigate risk and effectively manage cross-border transactions, which can ultimately lead to growth and success.

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International Taxation

  • Transaction structuring and advisory

  • Impact of Interplay of Domestic Law with the DTAA

  • Impact of the "New Normal" - Multilateral Instruments (MLI)

  • Structuring of the International Transactions along with tax implications

  • Analysis of withholding of the Taxes with respect to International Transactions

  • Transfer Pricing Study Reports

  • Transfer Pricing Audits u/s 92E of the Act

  • Consultancy related to Master Files, CBCR

  • Representations Before TPO’s

  • Drafting and Representations related to Advance Rulings and Advance Pricing Agreements



Transaction Structuring


Assisting due filings


Helping you in getting
out from defaults


For obtaining approvals and in litigation

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