“Litigation practice - Dos and Don'ts. Norms and Etiquette" – Synopsis of Our learning

Synopsis of my learning from “Litigation practice - Dos and Don'ts. Norms and Etiquette – By Justice R.V Easwar. (Retd)"

Two days back I had an occasion to attend the webinar on the topic “Litigation practice - Dos and Don'ts. Norms and Etiquette to be observed while appearing before judicial forums – By Justice R.V Easwar. (Retd)”, which was organized by The Chamber of Tax Consultants

In the said webinar Sir has given in-depth guidance to the Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Departmental Representative whosoever is attending before the Tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court under various branches of the law. I have attempted to note down the same and share the same in the interest of those who could not attend the same.

Link of the article is attached herewith - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/synopsis-my-learning-from-litigation-practice-dos-rv-maloo-jain-/?trackingId=N9CsUOw1TH2wYvqVUWvfXg%3D%3D

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